DigiTech Guitar Effects GSP1101

DigiTech Guitar Effects GSP1101 is a new model of the new DigiTech 1U rack processor chips will contain two super AudioDNA2 exclusively designed by DigiTech. DigiTech Guitar Effects GSP1101, designed for ultimate tone both onstage and in the studio. Bringing together familiar controls with the latest in digital modeling technology and easy setup, the GSP1101 boasts two of DigiTech’s proprietary AudioDNA2™ DSP processors for unprecedented power and control.

DigiTech Guitar Effects GSP1101 aims to deliver the high level of transparency and quality that working guitarists demand, while maintaining a reasonable price point compared with other high-end processors. It provides all the modeling you’d expect in a complete guitar processor, including simulated amplifiers, cabinets, stompboxes, and other effects.

DigiTech Guitar Effects GSP1101 answers the professional guitarist’s call for “tone preservation” by incorporating the flexibility to be easily integrated into any rig and configured to work the way you want it. DigiTech’s unique Setup Wizard guides you through the steps to optimize DigiTech Guitar Effects GSP1101 to fit your needs. DigiTech Guitar Effects GSP1101 not only preserves your tone, but it gives you access to a vast array of over 120 different models, from stompbox overdrives, preamps, and amps, to studio quality effects including luscious Lexicon reverbs and unique products like DigiTech’s Whammy. So many sounds, so little time…
DigiTech Guitar Effects GSP1101 has been designed from the ground up to enhance and contour a player’s sounds while also taking steps to preserve the guitarists core tone from their rig through the included setup wizard and effects loop. The unit features control knobs including Gain, Bass, Mid-range, Treble and Amp Level for quick, easy tone shaping, as well as a front panel guitar input and headphone jack for easy access. 125 high-definition point-to-point models are included, ranging from amplifier and cabinet models to popular stompboxes and effects, including several studio-quality Lexicon™ reverbs, which can be combined and stored into 99 User presets or tweaked to tonal perfection from one of the 99 Factory presets. Guitarists will also appreciate the gapless preset changes which instantaneously call up the requested sound without cutting off trailing delay or reverb lines, for a professional performance when using multiple guitar tones.

DigiTech Guitar Effects GSP1101 features :

- Intuitive user interface with dedicated amp controls and LCD display
- Over 120 amp, cabinet, preamp and effects models
- Stereo effects loop
- 40 Tone and 40 Effect Chain Libraries - 1600 exclusive DigiTechR combinations
- Global EQ
- Balanced stereo XLR and 1/4" outputs
- Chromatic tuner
- USB with audio streaming + Editor/Librarian software included
- MIDI In / Thru
- Internal power supply
- Front panel guitar input and headphone output
- Footswitch and expression inputs
- Seamless preset changes

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