Digitech GSP1101 review The Rear panel and Guitar Wizard

The rear panel of  DigiTech GSP1101 has a pair of balanced 0,25 inch outputs to an amplifier or line-level device, and a pair of balanced XLR mixer outputs with a ground-lift switch. There are also three 0,25 inch jacks a mono send and two returns for an external loop. You can configure the loop as a preamp or effects loop. MIDI In and Thru jacks let you connect the unit to MIDI controllers, and a USB jack allows for two way communication with u computer. Also on the rear are 0,25 inchh jacks for a footswitch and an expression pedal and a Cat five port for the optional Control two.

about Guitar Wizard The DigiTech GSP1101’s wealth of I/O options allows connection to nearly any equipment that a guitarist might own, from USB based desktop guitar rigs to various stage setups. You can connect the unit direct to a mixing console or plug it straight into your guitar amp’s effects loop. The most complete method for connecting the Digitech GSP1101 to a guitar preamp or amplifier with an effects loop is to use a configuration known as the four cable method .To prevent guitarists from being overwhelmed by so many configuration options, the Digitech GSP1101 comes with a convenient Setup wizard, which you invoke by holding down the Tuner button. The Setup wizard walks you through a series of screens reflecting how you have the Digitech GSP1101 integrated into your rig and sets all the parameters for you. It works extremely well, the Setup wizard accurately configures half a dozen parameters in response to just a couple of selections you make.

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