DigiTech Harmony Man Smart Guitar Harmony Pedal

This Best Selling DigiTech Harmony Man Smart Guitar Harmony Pedal tends to SELL OUT VERY FAST!!

Product Description
The DigiTech HarmonyMan multi-part guitar harmony pedal is much more than a pitch shifter! HarmonyMan lets you make impressive, musically correct harmonies using different modes and four different types of pitch shifting. You can use this pedal to go from subtle thickening of your tone all the way to 2-part harmonies during your guitar solos. Four presets allow you to store and edit your favorite settings, and features such as an built-in tuner and pre-harmony distortion loop (as well as a 2-pedal, uncluttered panel layout) make HarmonyMan an onstage winner!

List Price: $449.95
Special Offer :

  • Cutting-edge pitch detection engine designed specifically for guitar delivers fast accurate shifting!
  • 3-part guitar harmony; Forget about music theory and programming. Just play-it's that simple!
  • Intelligent harmony voicings, fixed chromatic voicings, and detune voice settings.
  • Edit, store and recall 4 memory presets.
  • Pre-harmony Distortion loop
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