Digitech GSP1101 review Playing with Blocks

The Digitech GSP1101 contains ten effects blocks is wah, compressor, distortion, noise gate, amp model, cabinet model, parametric EQ, chorus/FX, delay, and reverb. The external loop is positioned between the amp model and cabinet model. Each block can be independently turned on or off. Although the order of effects blocks cannot be changed, the chorus/FX block can be placed predistortion instead of post-EQ. The ampli block offers 36 models of amps from manufacturers such as Fender, Marshall, Vox, Mesa/Boogie, Carvin, Matchless, Soldano, and Hiwatt, as well as original DigiTech models (including 2 acoustic models). Twenty three cabinet models are split between emulations of classic cabinets and custom Digitech GSP1101models.

Each effects block contains emulations of stompboxes and digital effects. The wah, compressor, and distortion blocks model popular stompboxes and footpedals such as Dunlop and Vox wahs, Boss and MXR compressors, and 17 popular and boutique fuzz boxes. The digital effects are also models of classic pedals and effects some from DigiTech and some from Boss, MXR, Electro-Harmonix, and others. You get chorus, flanger, phaser, pitch effects, vibrato/rotary effects, tremolo, envelope effects, and delays. The reverb algorithms were mostly borrowed from Lexicon (another Harman company), with one Fender Twin spring and one EMT plate emulation. The GSP1101 offers a global EQ applied to its output. I wish the effects blocks could be rearranged. I’d also like to be able to use multiple instances of the same block. However, I assume that fulfilling my requests would require more DSP horsepower than the Digitech GSP1101 has.

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