Digitech vocalist live 3 review

Hello fans od digitech guitar effects, for yhis time i want to review about digitech vocalist live 3. The digitech vocalist live 3 automatically comes your vocals and chord progression applying patented music technology so you do not have to program a songs key or key changes. Just step on the footswitch while you are playing to fill the room with pitch-perfect backup vocals.Change Your Connection with the Audience with digitech vocalist live 3. An innovative tool to add to your vocals for live performance, DigiTech Brings you the digitech vocalist live 3 Harmony and Pitch Correction Pedal. Stomp on a switch and fill the room with natural, full-sounding vocal harmonies that adapt to the notes being played. The digitech vocalist live 3 keeps the lead vocals right on target with pitch correction and more pre-effects like warmth, compression, a noise gate and a 2-band EQ. Add in reverb, delay, and a built-in tuner, and you have an indispensable tool that will have you turning heads and inspiring applause like never before

Digitech vocalist live 3 Features :
Mic Preamp. Connector XLR balanced. Input Sensitivity 3dBFS 35dBu to 0dBu. Equivalent Input Noise EIN 126dBu, 20Hz 20kHz A Weighted. Input Impedance 6 kOhnms Balanced. Line Input. Connector 14 TRS balancedunbalanced. Input Sensitivity 3dBFS 20dBu to 15dBu. Input Impedance 23 kOhms balanced, 13 kOhms unbalanced. Guitar Input Guitar Thru. Connectors 14 unbalanced. Impedance 1 MOhm input, 1 kOhms thru. Outputs. Connectors XLR balanced. Output Level 0dBFS 5.6dBu. Output Impedance 200 Ohms pseudo balanced.Input Line to Output Line Performance. Dynamic Range 106dB, 20Hz 20kHz A Weighted. THD Noise Min gain 0.007 1kHz. Frequency Response Max gain 3dB 30Hz and 21kHz. Analog to Digital Converter. Resolution 24 bits. Sampling Rate 44.1kHz. Frequency Response 3dB at 20Hz and 20kHz. Dynamic Range 114dB

Digitech vocalist live 3 demo review

The digitech vocalist live 3 includes 3-part harmony capability with intelligent, musically correct harmonies using music technology that follows your chord progression no matter what you play. The character of the harmony voices can be altered to either that of male or female backup vocalists. In addition, it features pitch correction, vocal pre-effects: warmth (tube preamp), compressor, 2-band EQ, low cut and noise gate, reverb, delay and the ability to mix guitar and vocal sounds on the fly.

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