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Hai fans of Digitech gsp1101, i want to review a little aboot the digitech gsp1101 for you all, I just got the digitech gsp1101 to try it out and i am blown away by the sound quality. However the factory presets sound like crap to me. but the free downoads by a guy with screenname "singtall" make this puppy screem. I am still just going into the pa speakers no guitar amp at all. and it sounds better than any other guitar rig that i have ever personally used or been around live.

The Digitech gsp1101 is the flagship processor in DigiTech’s Pro Guitar line, offering amplifier, cabinet, stompbox, and effects models in a rackmount module

well I will not linger, let us discuss about the digitech gsp1101 review, The digitech GSP1101 guitar preamp/processor aims to deliver the high level of transparency and quality that working guitarists demand, while maintaining a reasonable price point compared with other high-end processors. It provides all the modeling you’d expect in a complete guitar processor, including simulated amplifiers, cabinets, stompboxes, and other effects. The single-rackspace unit features myriad I/O options, allowing you to use it either as a complete guitar tone generator or as part of an existing amplifier and effects system. For studio use, DigiTech GSP1101 furnishes a cross-platform software editor. You navigate through presets and parameters using the digitech gsp1101 Edit/Select knob. To access individual parameters, you navigate to the desired effect or submenu, push on the knob, and then dial in the desired parameter value. The Tone Library button provides quick access to 40 distortion and amp tones, and the Effects Library button accesses 40 user-programmable effects settings. If you want to do some deep editing, you may prefer to use the cross-platform X‑Edit editor-librarian on a computer display rather than the digitech gsp1101’s LCD

X-Edit 2.2 is an editor-librarian for the DigiTech GSP1101 that gives easy access to all of a preset’s parameters and presets.

The DigiTech GSP1101 packs a heck of a lot into a single rackspace. It comes with a comprehensive software editor-librarian and drivers for USB recording. The DigiTech GSP1101 also includes comprehensive MIDI preset mapping and continuous controller support, allowing every parameter to be controlled remotely using MIDI Control Change messages on any MIDI channel you specify. With its extensive flexibility and functionality, the DigiTech GSP1101 is an amazing value and can easily compete with guitar processors that sell for twice its price.  oke, I hope this review about DigiTech GSP1101, can be useful for you the fans DigiTech GSP1101. 

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