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Hello fan of Digitech Guitar effects, i want to review The Digitech GNX3 attempts to deliver on that expectation by providing a large number of effects, a range of discrete amplifier and cabinet emulations, an 8-track recorder/player, numerous utility functions such as a tuner, drum pattern playback, a metronome and so forth.

The Digitech GNX3 detail, First of all, and probably most importantly, the effects are primo. The quality is superb, the effects are utterly free from background noise and undesired artifacts to a level that makes this usable in any professional environment. In terms of comparison to my older GSP-21 Legend and ISP-33 combo, they are worlds better. Each of the following effects are about as flexible as you could desire: Reverb, Echo (Delay), Fuzzboxes (many), Phaser (optionally triggered), Pitch shifting, Whammy, Wah,Talkbox, Compression, Single/dual coil pickup conversion, Noise gate, Chorus, Flanger,Tremolo, Panner, Leslie, Envelope modulator,Equalizer.

The Digitech GNX3 does a good job of emulating both amplifiers and cabinets. You can use the expression pedal to change from one set of amp/cabinet to another, relatively smoothly. You can also save an intermediate state under a custom setting if you like. If you're looking for a particular sound, this might be just your cup of tea. It is very well done indeed.

The Digitech GNX3 comes with 16 megabytes of internal memory. This is about 3 track-minutes at CD quality (although you can use the recorder at lower quality, I submit that this is not a great idea - CD quality is the minimum I can tolerate, myself, though your mileage may vary depending on just how beat-up by years of loud music your ears have become - and you can't use the loop function with anything less than the CD quality setting.) 3 track-minutes is not enough. For anything. To put it in perspective, that's 1.5 minutes of two tracks, or 45 seconds of four tracks, or 22 seconds of 8 tracks. That's right. Twenty two seconds.

The Digitech GNX3 can be updated via the MIDI connection (see, I told you you'd be connecting it to your computer) to the latest firmware. If your firmware is not the latest, you'll want to do that, too. Mine was the original release (version 1.0), and it refused to deal with the only Smartmedia card I had around, which was of Japanese origin - apparently, Korean is the way to go. The update fixed that. There are other changes as well, and there may be more in the future (like, updates to deal with future, larger Smartmedia card sizes, one fervently hopes.) It's nice that you can update it from the Internet.

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