Digitech GSP1101 review for Delicate Sound of Thunder

Sound quality of the response dynamics Digitech gsp1101 playing is top notch. I used a fender and marshall ampli are very are realistic  the Soldano and  Mesa Boogie  emulations and scooped heavy sound without sounding overly nasal. The wah and compressors all sound quite natural, and the tube screamer, classic models, and Demeter Fuzzulator models are excellent. Most models also cleaned up well when i lowered the settings on my guitar volume knob. However, some of DigiTech own hybrid and heavy fuzz amp models are a bit too screechy and over the top for my taste. The simulations of the Smaller cabinets open and realistic sound, but to my ear, the larger cabinets Sometimes sound as though they're slightly comb filtered. Still, it was easy to select a cabinet simulation that i liked and make it the global cabinet for all presets.The effects algorithms are uniformly excellent. The choruses are clean and shimmery. The flangers and phasers are appropriately modern or vintage. Delays sound is good, especially the modulation delay. And the Lexicon reverbs are really nice, with parameters Fewer than a Lexicon hardware unit offers, but with the same glorious sound. My only disappointment was the Vox tremolo, I have clocked many hours on the Vox amps, and this emulation, though good, is not quite as rich as the real thing.

The Digitech gsp11011 directly into my Mac via USB. I also played it into the front end of my Egnater MOD50 tube amp using the Clean setting. In Addition, I set it up using the 4-cable method to emulate effects Both in front and in the loop of my amp. In each configuration, the Digitech gsp11011 was transparent; it did not Produce any noise or compromise the amps natural tone. When used with a hardware amp, the Digitech gsp1101 lets you globally turn off its ampli and cabinet simulation.

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