Digitech XHR Hot Rod Rock Distortion Guitar Pedal

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Product Description
X-Series Hot Rod Rock Distortion Each distortion stompbox features a huge range of different distortion types that can be morphed into different combinations as you rotate our exclusive Distortion Morph knob. Warp from your favorite stack sound to modern hard rock and everything in between. This gives you a near unlimited supply of combinations. Now, you are no longer stuck with only one distortion type in a pedal. But thats not all. There are two outputs, one for normal signal out, and one that features advanced cabinet modeling for live and recording direct-to-board applications. And instead of the standard stompbox tone controls, weve even incorporated our innovative spectral-contouring EQ, which delivers a far greater tone range than other distortion stompboxes.

List Price: $104.95
Special Offer:

  • Rock Distortion morphing
  • Spectral-contouring EQ
  • Normal and CIT(TM) Cabinet Modeling outputs
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