DigiTech CF7 Chorus Factory Multi Chorus Pedal

This Best Selling DigiTech CF7 Chorus Factory Multi Chorus Pedal tends to SELL OUT VERY FAST!!

Product Description
The CF-7 features models based on both classic and the latest modern chorus pedals including the DigiTech Multi Chorus"*,Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus*, TC Electronic Stereo Chorus/Flanger*, Fulltone Choralflange"*, Boss CH-1 Super Chorus"*, EH Small Clone and Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble". Equipped with three two-in-one concentric controls, the CF-7 adjusts the standard Speed, Depth, and Level functions found on most chorus pedals, plus three extra controls for each chorus effect. Two outputs offer either mono or stereo operation. In addition, the CF-7 also features our exclusive Flexible Output Mode" allowing you to plug it directly into amplifiers or into a mixer with our acclaimed CIT" cabinet modeling.And the cast metal chassis and a sleek carbon fiber finish make it an industrial-strength creative tool. If you are looking for an unprecedented collection of the world?TMs finest chorus effects in a single stompbox, check out the new X-Series" CF-7 at your DigiTech dealer today.

List Price: $149.95
Special Offer:

  • Features models based on seven classic chorus effects.
  • Level, Speed, Depth plus three extra controls for each effect. Unique carbon-fiber finish.
  • Flexible Output Mode allows you to configure outputs for amp or mixer. Cast-metal chassis.
  • Models include: Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus; TC Electronic Stereo Chorus; Boss CE-5 and more!
  • Non-skid rubber base.
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