Boomerang III Phrase Sampler (E-156)

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  • True StereoOver 17 minutes of recording time (mono)6 independent loopsPlay loops sequentially or simultaneouslyUndo/Redo capabilityLoop extend'Loop copyReverse lead liveAuto fade outMetronome with loop quantizeOctave down effect (for bass line creation)Reverse playbackLayer mergingWedge shaped.Made in Texas
  • Includes AC power supply adapter in the box.
List Price: $559.95
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Product Description
Boomerang III Phrase Sampler (E-156) This powerful pedal continues the Boomerang tradition of a simple user interface but adds many new features customers have requested. It records in true stereo (or mono), and has over 23 minutes of mono recording at 24KHz/16 bits and over 9 minutes at 48KHz/20 bits. There are 6 independent loops that can be played sequentially (verse/chorus/bridge use) or simultaneously. In the latter mode the loops may be synched or played totally independent from each other. After the primary loop is recorded, there are additional layers that can be recorded. The layers can be silenced, played or re-recorded. Additional material may be stacked on (added to) any of the layers. This provides a multilevel undo/redo capability. The user can assign a number of interesting and useful functions to a Bonus button. We anticipate having the following functions, and possibly more: loop extend, loop copy, octave down effect (for bass line creation), metronome with loop quantize, reverse playback, reverse lead live, auto fade out and layer merging (combining all layers to free up memory). There will be a variety of signal routing options and a Pedal Link system so multiple units can be synched. It will be about half the size of the Rang Plus. As with our earlier models there will be no MIDI or USB connectivity, and no permanent storage of loops. We will insure that the pedal is easy to operate and as intuitive as the current one, but it will be deeper if you want to explore the new features.

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