digitech whammy pedal with midi control

Digitech whammy pedal with midi control is simple,bring your guitar’s audio and pitch shift it using a special algorithm, and so control that pitch with an expression pedal. So easily and so expressive that it accepts your playing to a fresh world of quirky squeals, monster dive bombs lower than any whammy bar and bends that can only be found on other instruments. It’s no wonder why this single pedal is legendary.It’s been a decade since the Digitech whammy pedal was introduced and now it has a permanent place on every professional’s pedalboard. This is what has made the Digitech whammy pedal a legend. Hit after hit, performance after performance, the Digitech whammy pedal not only adds to your playing, it creates new sounds, feelings and textures.

Digitech whammy pedal with midi control Features

1. 6 Whammy modes including famous 2 Octave Up as heard on 100’s of songs.
2. 10 Harmony Bend modes including 2nd Up to 3rd Up simulating pedal steel bends.
3. Expression pedal controls dive bombs and bends
4. Cutting–edge pitch detection engine designed specifically for guitar delivers fast accurate shifting.
5. MIDI In & Out/Thru to control pitch bends via cc’s

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