Digitech gnx3000

The Digitech gnx3000 is Powerful recording and effects tools are only a foot tap away. Contemporary guitarists will find the DigiTech GNX3000 Guitar Workstation to be an indispensable creative tool. It has 1/4" and XLR outputs with independent level controls, letting you connect to your onstage rig and house PA simultaneously. A drum machine provides the grooves for you to write songs and jam along with using the 6-track, 24-bit recorder. A USB audio/MIDI interface makes recording easier than ever with the included Hands Free Pro Tracks Plus software, delivering a complete recording environment with no external mixer needed.

Learn-A-Lick and Jam-A-Along functions make the GNX3000 a valuable learning machine as well. Introducing a bold new addition to DigiTech's famed Guitar Workstation lineup, the GNX3000, designed with both the performing and recording guitarist in mind. When you're onstage, the GNX3000 is an ideal workhorse. Both 1/4 in. and XLR outputs let you run to your onstage rig and the house PA simultaneously, each with independent level controls. When you're in the studio, the GNX3000's built-in USB audio/MIDI recording interface makes recording easier than ever thanks to the included Hands Free Pro Tracks Plus recording software suite.
All this plus DigiTech's next generation amp modeling with 30 new amp models and 2 new acoustic guitar models make the GNX3000 an indispensable tool for any serious guitar player.The GNX3000 Floor Signal Processor is a potent modeling processor as well, with 40 (30 new) amp models, 25 cabinet models, and 2 new acoustic guitar models. 36 programmable effects with 195 presets.

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