Digitech Delay Pedal setting and demo

For you all fans of digitech delay pedal. You can set delay time on Digitech delay pedal by a mere tap of the switch on the right foot side, or you can also hold it down to set, damping the strings of the guitar while the tempo of the song can be strummed. This can be more precise compared to foot tap.  You don’t have to make any guess work on dotted-eighths, since the tap can be set to provide you straight, triple, quarter notes, dotted eighths, or half notes.

Digitech delay pedal has voice knob which can give you pitch-shifted delays in three octaves,   resulting in impressive effects. Digitech delay pedal TimeBender has a looper which however fails to match the speed or the loop options of DL-4, but it allows you to go for pitch-shifting effects while looping, bringing in chiming or bass lines impressively. Thus Digitech delay pedal has emerged as a strong contender in this field.

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