Digitech Guitar Effects RP500

Digitech Guitar effects Rp500 are the combination of design elements with the new unit and the largest addition to the range of RP. Although far from winning a direct replacement of the previous series., namely digitech guitar effects RPx400, offers a solution halfway house as players who find the smallest unit of RP too restrictive, but only reluctantly to the cross is not the complexity of the units GNX. Digitech guitar effects RP500 is not quite the "total room music solution," we saw the Digitech guitar effects RPx400 old (which is expensive), but a hub is perfect for practice.
A CD/MP3 input allows the connection of external devices of your choice, and a USB connection for direct digital recording of X can be used, change the graphics editing software.

For registration, digitech guitar effects RP500 USB connector, four lanes (two in two assisted) and Audio Digitech including Cubase LE 4 is useful for you to continue. If you want a standard plug-in amplifier, the amplifier / console switch optimizes the output signal, and there are two XLR outputs for connecting to a mixer or recording device

In contrast to the smaller RP units, sport pedals digitech guitar effects RP500 five separate patch with high / low switch bank. There is also a switch to bypass itself (much less confusing than the GNX units if the active patch bypass switch) and a tap tempo switch. The rest of the route follows the familiar lines Digitech, display editing with the "Matrix" and an expression pedal.

The default state Digitech guitar effects RP500 "pedal" mode, using the top / bottom, switch to move linearly through the patch, and have used the root of a meter and virtual stomp boxes so you can add or remove effects, all 'inside of a patch.

he effects of the five modules are affected in this way, compressor, distortion, chorus FX (where a wide range of effects), delay and reverb. If you prefer the way "traditional preset" is a button on the control panel for switching between the two modes.

This flexibility is in the dual approach to the design and modification of sounds expressed. The simplest approach (in any pedal or preset mode) using the Tone Library and Effects Library buttons. This is a new development Digitech, and gives you great changes with the help of preset amp cabinet chains and or create effects chains.

Digitech guitar effects RP500 is a 40-ton configurations, 42 configurations of effects, so it's easy to get close to the sound you need to be. The sound effects and libraries to work independently, so you can mix and match

For a more accurate method to show the design, works with almost everyone else Digitech guitar effects RP500 pedal effects unit. Use the Edit keys to scroll up down indicated by the modules to the left of the matrix display, then adjust the parameters using the button at the bottom of each column. There are 100 factory presets and 100 user presets and 10 effects, Digitech guitar effects RP500 can be run simultaneously Modules.

Actually choosing what effects to use may be the most difficult aspect of learning to use Digitech guitar effects RP500, as it features a whopping… well, we lost count, and the user manual doesn't give an exact figure. To give you an idea, there are 18 types of distortion, 52 amp models (including a couple of acoustic simulators), the usual range of modulation and filters and DigiTech's famous Whammy and pitch-shift effects.

For extra user control, the expression pedal can be configured to almost any parameter, as can the two LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) for creating automated effects. Most people are familiar with auto-wah, tremolo or panning in this respect, but you could easily program Digitech guitar effects RP500 to produce a repeating variation in distortion, reverb length, flange depth, use your imagination!

Plenty has been written about the powerful DigiTech AudioDNA2 processing in the past, and Digitech guitar effects RP500 is every bit as good as its stablemates. Most of the amp models were familiar to us from previous GNX and RP units, but there's a tasty collection of newcomers, including the bluestastic Gibson GA-40, the Orange OR120 (classic early seventies rock crunch) and a whole series of genre-specific DigiTech models.

The overall output level was a bit quieter than we expected (compared directly with a Digitech guitar effects GNX3000) but most of the presets seemed to be set with quite modest master volume settings, so there's scope for extra oomph. Be careful with some of the clean sounds if you're monitoring through Hi-Fi speakers – there are some serious transients there!

The only real issue that strikes us is the feel of the expression pedal. It's quite small, as on many multi-effects units, so the physical range isn't particularly wide, but the one on our review model is also quite stiff, which makes things sound a bit jerky.

The modulation effects are comprehensive, covering everything you're likely to need and then some… there are some very impressive presets making use of various pitch-shifting effects. The Scattertrem effect is also great for non-guitar-like electro sounds.

Although the RP range is not nominally aimed at pro musicians, there's no reason why you couldn't base at least a pub-gigging rig around this unit. The tough build quality, range of sounds and flexibility of use are very impressive at this price.

Digitech Guitar Effects RP500 Features:

- Exclusive Pedalboard mode changes the RP500 into 5 individual stompboxes and effects
- Amp/Cabinet Bypass turns the RP500 into a true effects processor that works with your amp's tone
- Heavy-duty vacuum switches for program changes, effect on/off changes, bank up and down, tap tempo   and tuner
- Bright LEDs display program status and effect on/off
- Large 8 character LED display for program name, bank name, and tuner
- Large 2 character display for program number and tuning reference
- Built-in expression pedal controls the RP500's internal wahs, volume, Whammy, and other parameters

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