DigiTech guitar effect RP70

DigiTech guitar effect RP70 Modeling Guitar Processor is hot-rodded from the engine. Powered by DigiTech's AudioDNA2 processor,DigiTech guitar effect RP70 your favorite store, including models, wah-wah pedals, amps, cabinets, modulation effects, delay, reverb and special effects like DigiTech Whammy. In addition to a series of models to choose from, DigiTech guitar effect RP70 features tone and effect libraries allow you to quickly program sounds with ease. Completing DigiTech guitar effect RP70 are 100 preset sounds aggressive, which are modern players of today.

DigiTech guitar effect RP70 Features :

- 20 Tone and Effects Libraries
- 100 presets (50 factory, 50 user)
- 12 amp / 8 cabinet models
- 6 distortion stompbox models
- 32 effects models
- 5 seconds of delay time
- 40 High quality drum patterns
- Separate ¼" Left and Right Outputs
- Stereo 1/8" headphone output
- Built-in chromatic tuner
- Built-in expression pedal input
- Power supply included

Stompbox Models
Digitech guitar effects RP70 features component-based model. Plans are great values are converted into mathematical formula, the formula is so important that it is DigiTech's AudioDNA ™ 2 run properly. Digitech guitar effects RP70 effects pedal offers the following features:

- Dunlop® Cry Baby™ Wah
- Vox® Clyde McCoy™ Wah
- DigiTech's Full Range Wah
- DigiTech Compressor / Sustainer
- Ibanez® TS-9 Tube Screamer™
- DOD® 250 Preamp/Overdrive
- Boss® DS-1 Distortion
- DigiTech® Grunge
- DigiTech® Death Metal
- Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi

Digitech Guitar Effects RP70 Versatility

Like any RP product, DigiTech guitar effect RP70 offers a tonal range, so you can capture any sound you want. Whether you're a famous clean chorus or an over-the-top heavy rhythm sound that is within reach and in most cases only one step.

Start with hot rodded presets. Current players are genres within each country all about sounds like metal, punk and rock music as Rock-A-Billy has reached a new meaning. We have arranged for these players, and something for everyone. DigiTech goal is to create today's players with the power of their own sound and music.

Amp Models

DigiTech guitar effect  RP70 features a vast array of meticulously crafted amp models for your sonic needs. From classic tones to DigiTech’s heavily modified DigiTech Metal model,DigiTech guitar effect  RP70 has everything you need. The amp models are as follows

- 57 Fender Tweed Deluxe – Fender Tweed Deluxe 1x12
- 65 Fender Blackface Twin Reverb – Fender Twin Reverb 2x12
- 68 Marshall Super Lead (Plexi) – Marshall Slant Celestion Greenback 4x12
- 77 Marshall Master Volume – Marshall Straight Celestion G12-T70 4x12
- 83 Marshall JCM800 – Marshall Straight Celestion G12-T70 4x12
- 63 Vox AC 30 Top Boost – AC30 TB Jensen Blue Back 2x12
- 01 Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier – Johnson Straight Celestion Vintage 30 4x12
- 96 Matchless DC-30 – Johnson Straight Celestion Vintage 30 4x12
- DigiTech Solo – DigiTech Solo 4x12
- DigiTech Metal – DigiTech Metal 4x12
- DigiTech Bright Clean – DigiTech Bright Clean 2x12
- DigiTech Clean Tube – Fender Twin Reverb 2x12

Cabinet Models 
- Fender Tweed Deluxe
- Fender Twin reverb 2x12
- Marshall Straight Celestion G12-T70 4x12
- AC30 TB Jensen Blue Back 2x12
- Johnson Straight Celestion Vintage 30 4x12
- DigiTech Solo 4x20
- DigiTech Metal 4x12
- DigiTech Bright Clean 2x12


Effects and Effects Models based on:
- Pickup Simulator
- Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
- Vox Clyde McCoy Wah
- Full Range Wah
- Noise Gate
- Auto Swell Gate
- 3-Band EQ
- Boss CE-2 Chorus
- DigiTech Dual Chorus
- Flanger
- Phaser
- Tremolo
- Panner
- Vibrato
- Rotary Speaker
- DigiTech Ya Ya™
- Step Filter
- Envelope Filter
- Detune
- Pitch Shifter
- DigiTech Whammy™
- Analog Delay
- Digital Delay
- Pong Delay
- Tape Delay
- Fender® Twin® Reverb (Spring)
- Room Reverb
- Hall Reverb

The power to create is not only a promise it’s a delivery. Digitech guitar effects RP70 provides you with the tools to get virtually any sound you desire and play along with one on the 40 high-quality drum patterns. Pure inspiration has never been so easy.

- Step one – dial in your sound.
- Step two – find a drum pattern you like
- Step three – let your creativity flow


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